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You need to meet…Roger Voisinet, Broker at RE/MAX Realty Specialists

Tell us the basics: Who are you, what’s your company’s name, and how long have you been at this company?

Roger Voisinet, associate broker at RE/MAX Realty Specialists. I helped to start RE/MAX Realty Specialists with Pat Burns here in Charlottesville in 1987

How did you wind up in this business?

I originally owned a solar engineering and consulting company called Virginia Solar Contracting Services. At Virginia Solar, I worked extensively with the building and real estate communities and had visited over 5,000 homes and businesses in the 1980′s. When the federal government chose to no longer support the solar industry in our country, I was then forced to change directions and I chose the real estate business.

What’s a lesson you’ve learned during the recession?

I have been through much worse, including a major depression in Montreal in the early 1970′s when Quebec threatened to secede from Canada. Then I was a manufacturer and that put us out of business. Then in the early 1980′s, when I started Virginia Solar and bought my first house, I paid 24 percent and 16 percent respectively for my loans. Compared to those periods, this one was rather pleasant and easier to manage.

Is there a secret to your personal success? Perhaps a piece of advice you’ve always remembered?

I have always been a persistent networker; my master thesis at the Institute of Environmental Sciences was written in part on that subject. I have always reinvested in my personal education in the broadest sense and never was satisfied with past accomplishments. On a practical level, my database is over 15,000 individuals and that is something I have kept up daily for decades.

What’s coming up in the next year for you and your company?

Better and better marketing photos and 360 degree images, videos and the like. Also, enhanced analysis tools for evaluating properties, especially investment properties. Plus, another trip to Las Vegas for the RE/MAX International annual convention. There is so much learning and networking going on there that it is an annual event not to be missed.

What, at your business, is the most effective way to connect with customers?

Face-to-face meetings at lunch; if not then, on the phone. I do periodic mailings both via USPS and email; of course, to keep in touch with those friends and clients that I cannot meet with in person.

What’s the part of your job that excites you the most, the thing that makes you want to hurry to work?

Working with positive people, marketing unique homes, and also introducing visitors to our communities that are not obvious or easily found is a reward endeavor as well.

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